About Me

Who Am I?
My name is Tracy Bergsma.  I was born, the oldest of three girls, into the Mullett family.  

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Welcome to my blog! I am ME and I make no apologies for who I am. I am continuously changing, learning, growing, and acquiring experience and knowledge. All this means that who I am or how I portray myself can (and probably will) change regularly. But the "ME" that God designed will always be here. I am many things to many people, but primarily I am Tracy Bergsma (nee Mullett) and I am God's child. I am the wife of the most wonderful man in the world who loves me just as I am, with weird quirks and all! I am also full-time mom to 4 wonderful and exasperating children who continuously bless me with headaches, fatigue, and an awesome sense of excitement, pride, joy and responsibility. Through them, I am learning to enjoy life as it comes and to make the most of every moment together. I am a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, niece, enemy, blessing, and pain in the butt... it depends on who you ask at any particular time. I know certainly that I am the beloved and precious creation of my Lord and Savior. There is nothing I can ever do, say or think that will cause Him to stop loving me.

 My reason for writing this blog

I enjoy writing and find that I can express myself much better with the written word, than orally.  I have done much writing through the years, but am inconsistent at it.  As I have begun searching my heart and reviewing my life for meaning and purpose, many questions have come up.  This blog is my account into researching these questions and seeking answers, where possible.  In my research, I have encountered many others with similar experiences and concerns as mine... thus leading me to publicly share my journey, in the hopes of encouraging another traveler along the way with the fact that they are not alone.

Radically free... that's what I want to be! Free to be the ME that I was meant to be. God created me in HIS image and for HIS glory. I want to bask in HIS freedom! Free from sickness, addictions, stress, expectations, conformity. Free from pressure (real or imagined) to be what others expect me to be. Free to be a genuine, deep, happy, authentic Jesus follower-- a REAL Christian in every sense. Free to be creative, healthy, funny, smart, spiritual.... the best of me!

Join me in my journey to freedom. Freedom found in Truth. The spiritual, godly truths about all things foundational to my existence. This journey will take me through questions and concerns about my faith, my family, my friends, and even the food I eat. As I search for the truth in all things related to me, led by the Holy Spirit, God's Word, and my knowledge and experience in this life, I hope to discover real freedom and liberty in the abundant life Jesus offers.

I am learning to breathe and live in GRACE... God's Grace, full and free!  This grace is hard to understand, difficult to accept, and nearly impossible to live consistently.  However I believe that this amazing Grace of God, embodied in Jesus, is the KEY to living radically free.  What a discovery!  What a task!