August 12, 2010

Stardust and God-trust

Creation is amazing!  It speaks so boldly and beautifully of a Great Designer who loves variety and beauty and order and colour!  The stars sparkle like millions of little diamonds in a vast black velvet canvas. 

I was out in the country the other night, watching the stars.  The crickets were chirping their loud chorus, as if to invite me to join them.  The mosquitoes were buzzing their annoying "attack" anthem, warning me of their piercing danger.  The stars winked and twinkled and blinked, coaxing me to want to dance in their glamour.  The air was warm, with a whispering breeze that subtly caressed my skin.  The tall corn stalks softly, gently waved with the breeze as if they were rocking a baby to sleep.  All my senses were alive, alert, on the ready, taking in all the glory and wonder that is creation!  I felt very relaxed, very much at peace, at one with my Lord and my world, very alive, awake.  It was majestic!  I just felt like all was right and as it should be.

As I watched, there blazed a small light from the east trailing across the sky in a slight arc and then fizzled out.  It happened fast, I almost missed it!  It wasn't glaring bright or twinkling, but it was there.  And just when I thought I might have been seeing things and my mind was playing tricks on me.... another fainter, shorter one happened.  It is the poseids meteor shower!  Apparently the poseids meteor shower is happening right now, and tonight is the best night to watch it!

I was wowed!  I was dumbstruck!  I was awed!  It was amazing!  Just looking at all those twinkling stars lighting paths and patterns across the darkened atmosphere..... I was awestruck by the beauty and wonder and majesty and creatvitiy and design of it all.  My God is awesome!!!!  Then, to see these "showers" in all their fancy fizzling out.... it was as though God sent a personal message directly to me.

This wonder, this beauty, this precious little gift of love from God to me, led me to do some deep thinking and reflecting.  If God could make the heavens and the sun, the moon, the stars, all the details and signs and seasons and wonders that we experience, and set them into patterns that they do not deviate from, and control all this with great precision and order..... if He can do all that, why can't I trust Him to care for me?  Is it that I can't trust Him, or don't trust Him?

He loves me, oh so much!  I was romanced by my Lord and Saviour, the Lover of my soul, as I stood there and watched the skies.  He sent a message of love, a gift of romance, a design of His own making to me!  And yet, so often I struggle with trusting God to do what's best for me.  Too many times I want my own way and think that I know what I want and that God won't "do right" by me.  I leave my life, my emotions, my circumstances in His hands.... but then, I don't like what's happening, or what I'm feeling, so I grab it back again.

Well, I know I will continue to struggle with this.  It is hard to yield myself to God.  Even knowing that He loves me beyond all measure, that He wants what is the absolute best for me..... still, I convince myself that God is holding out on me.  That He is short-changing me, or that He cannot be trusted and I need to take matters into my own hands!  Ah, it is the lie that deceived the first woman on earth.... and we have all struggled with it ever since.

Yet I thank God that for those few moments, of that one night, while gazing at the stars.... I was at peace, I knew my Saviour's love, and all was right with my world!  I know that the God of the universe and the stardust and meteor showers, is the very God who cares for me in a real and personal way.

Thank you Lord for that unique and special demonstration, expressing your love to me.  Help me to trust you, even when I doubt. 

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